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Music Power vs. Honest Power
With Grommes~Precision, You Get The Precise Power You Pay For And Expect, No Less

--Franklin Park, 2001

           With Grommes~Precision, you get the power you pay for and expect, no less. Inflated power output ratings are common in the audio industry, but not at Grommes~Precision. We rate our amplifiers in real, honest continuous rms sine-wave watts, which is the most stringent and honest power rating there is.

            Some amplifier companies rate their amplifiers in "music power," a very easy way to inflate power ratings. The numbers you'll get with a music power rating can be much higher than the true continuous rms sine-wave rating that Grommes~Precision uses. For example, an amplifier rated at 450 watts music power would be hard pressed to put out even 250 watts of continuous rms sine-wave power that a Grommes~Precision AXIOM 250 can pump out. 

          Another telltale spec is the rated load impedances for 25V and 70V outputs. The 25V and 70V outputs are the "constant-voltage" outputs that P.A. amplifiers have. The load impedance rating in ohms for the constant-voltage outputs reveals the actual power output of an amplifier according to the power formula: Power in watts = Volts˛/Load ohms. For example, our AXIOM 250 amplifier delivers 250 watts of continuous sine wave power into an 8 ohm load, a 25V load, or a 70V load. A 70V 250 watt load is 20 ohms. Doing the math: 70˛/20 = 4998/20 = 250 watts. It takes a real 250 watt amplifier to put 250 real watts into a true 250 watt load. This is what we at Grommes~Precision call honest power -- honest watts = precision power. 

            The following chart shows the required 70V load impedance for given power level. If a manufacturer states a higher load impedance than shown in this chart, then that manufacturer is inflating it's amplifier power specs:

True RMS Power 70V Load Impedance
30 watts 167 ohms
60 watts 84 ohms
100 watts 50 ohms
200 watts 25 ohms
250 watts 20 ohms
400 watts 12.5 ohms
500 watts 10 ohms

Which would you prefer? Honestly rated amplifiers or inflated power rated amplifiers?  Typically, inflated power ratings = inflated prices. You think that you're getting more bang for your buck, when in fact, generally, you get less. If you buy from Grommes~Precision you can be ensured you are NOT paying for less power than you are getting. 

           At Grommes~Precision, we manufacture a full line of amplifiers, rated from 1 honest watt (our PE-2A) to 500 honest watts (our AXIOM 500). No inflated power specs, no inflated prices. Plus, we back each of our manufactured products with our Assurance Pledge: 5 Year Warranty and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Get all the power your hard-earned money pays for, get Grommes~Precision, your personal manufacturer.

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