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     If you are a systems supplier you know how frustrating it is to have your client throw a curve at the last minute. That's exactly the situation a major alarm company faced when their client asked if they could supply a paging system along with the alarm system.

    It made perfect sense. After all, if the facility had to be cabled for the alarm system, why not wire the place for sound at the same time?

    The alarm company's dilemma was where to find a quality source of audio equipment that would be willing to private label a small quantity of paging amplifiers at a price that would allow everyone to profit.

    Fortunately, the alarm company knew about Precision Custom. All it took was one phone call to discuss the system requirements. Precision Custom prepared a quote and production schedule at no obligation to them. The alarm company was pleased, and the amplifiers, manufactured with the alarm company's name and logo on the front panel, were completed in plenty of time to meet the installation deadline.

    When the installation was complete, the end user was happy with the alarm and audio system. They saved money by installing both systems simultaneously and had a single source for the entire project. The alarm company was extremely pleased. They maintained their reputation as a problem solver. And finally, Precision Custom strengthened its reputation as an efficient producer of quality audio system components.

    Chances are you've already faced this type of situation and the chances are even better that you will face it again in the future as more and more systems grow complex and integrated. When you do, you can count on Precision Custom to be there to assist you.

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