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Audio Outsourcing
We're Your Personal Contract Manufacturer 

    These days technology and markets change so rapidly that what seems sensible one day may prove to be a burden the next.  Smart businesses know that strategic relationships are the key to satisfying niche market needs.

    Take audio products for instance. There are so many features and functions available. But not every application needs that much functionality. What if you don't want or need all the bells and whistles? Do you end up passing on that cost to your customers? Certainly it would be better if you designed the perfect product for the job at hand. But do you disregard this option because you wonder who could help you design and engineer it? Or better still, who could manufacture it?

   Precision Custom has been partnering with innovative companies for over a half a century, all the while building its reputation as a quality manufacturer of commercial audio products and systems under the name Precision Electronics

    Precision Custom has the facilities to manufacture a broad range of audio products and the expertise to modify designs to fit specific applications.  But what's even more important, is that we can still function as a complete outsourced design and production department. Even better, we can manufacture in short runs in costs that will surprise you.

    So if you have a special audio equipment application, give Precision Custom a call. We are ready to discuss your unique situation and provide a complete cost estimate at NO OBLIGATION to you.


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