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News Customization Benefits
Bring YOUR VERY OWN Product To Market With Precision Custom When Was The Last Time YOU Got What YOU Wanted?

     Precision Custom is your Partner and Personal Manufacturer in helping you bring YOUR product to market. Take ultimate control of your product!

     We're a complete outsourced design and production department at your command. With over half a century of experience and quality within the audio field, Precision Custom can assist you in all stages of audio equipment development--from designing, engineering, fabricating, and manufacturing. 

See the Services Overview for a quick understanding of what Precision Custom does and how we can help you bring your idea to market.

Audio Outsourcing

Precision Custom is a complete outsourced design department and manufacturing facility at your command.
Private Labeling

Build your own brand or use existing Grommes~Precision Electronics' products as templates to create your own private line of audio equipment.
Custom Audio Applications


Precision Custom specializes in short-run, unique, custom audio products. We can help you bring your ideas to market, use an existing Precision Electronics' product as a template, or design your idea from scratch. From initial design and engineering to production and manufacturing, Precision Custom is your partner making your audio products a reality.

     Get it YOUR WAY with Precision Custom!

Tired of dealing overseas?
We're an American manufacturer: 
We DON'T import by the boatload.

Quantity got you down?
We specialize in short production runs:
From as low as ONE UNIT!

     Precision Custom Gives You Flexibility! You're in control of YOUR product: From design, quantity, and delivery. Precision Custom gives you:

Flexibility with Design:

Take ultimate control of YOUR product! Talk directly with design engineers. Ask questions. Get assistance, not voicemail. Make modifications. 

You can also use Precision Electronic audio equipment as templates:
+ =

Flexibility with Quantity:
We specialize in short production runs: as low as one unit! By ordering only what you need you limit your capital investment & save money!
Flexibility with Delivery:

Get your product when YOU need it. Schedule installments to minimize cost!   

Call now--we are ready to discuss your needs and provide a complete cost estimate at NO OBLIGATION to you. 

Learn more about our

One call, email, or fax is all you need to start discussing your needs. Contact us today!


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