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    Precision Electronics manufactures audio and electronic equipment for use in commercial, consumer, and industrial applications.
    Grommes manufactures high-end audio and electronic vacuum tube based equipment for use in consumer applications.

    Precision Custom manufactures customized audio and electronic equipment for commercial, consumer, and industrial applications. 

    After 52 years of operation in Franklin Park, Grommes~Precision has moved its facilities to Gurnee Illinois. 

    1331 Estes Avenue, Gurnee, IL 60031
    Local: 847-599-1799
    FAX: 847-599-6178
  • Precision Electronics' new extensive 20-page catalog is now available to browse within the website. Formerly only available in Adobe Reader (.pdf) format, now you can page through the catalog without having to download anything. 
  • New Precision Custom FAQ added. 
  • Buy factory direct with Precision Electronics and save money. There are NO annual minimums. Try us out and save money, assured that in every Precision product there is over 56 years of know-how and experience built-in and comes backed with Precision's unbeatable 5 Year Warranty and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Advanced orders are now being taken for Grommes' 260A Limited Reissue monoblock tube amplifier. Special pricing available until the end of the year!  Expanded pricing and product info available here. Order yours today and find out why the original 260A still enjoys the respected reputation 44 years after it was first issued.

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New Grommes~Precision Products

Precision Electronics

    Engineered for all-in-one telephone paging solutions, Grommes~Precisionís AXIOM 500 and AXIOM 500-OTL power amplifiers deliver 500 watts of continuous RMS power. Both units include a balanced 600 ohm/Tel-Page input with tamper resistant volume control capable of muting two auxiliary inputs (defeatable), which are strapped in parallel.

    The AXIOM 500 includes an isolation output transformer that allows for 8 ohm, 25V, 70.7V, or 100V operation, while the AXIOM 500-OTL is a straight 70.7V output reducing weight and price.
    Stop lightning surges from damaging your sound and Tel-Page equipment! Introdicing the SLS: Speaker Line-Lightning Suppressor and TLS: Tel-Page Line-Lightning Suppressor. Check out the SLS & TLS Application Guide for examples of their use in the field.


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