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The 260A Limited Reissue

Grommes 260A Reissue Photo coming soon...

The Classic 260A Limited Reissue

Special Limited Time Pricing until Dec 25, 2003:
/Single (regular $159500)
/Pair (regular $289500)

          Loved for its honest and warm replication of music, and well-respected for Al Hart's high-fidelity design, Grommes is reissuing the 260A in limited quantities. The original Grommes 260A, originally designed by Al Hart in 1958, achieved an impressive reputation among those fortunate enough to acquire one, a reputation which continues to this day. 

     The 260A Limited Reissue is true to the original's electronic design, but has been cosmetically updated. Each unit will be handcrafted just as they were in the 1950s and 1960s with point-to-point soldering throughout. Because you'll want to enjoy your 260A Limited Reissue for years to come, a built-in bias meter has been added for your convenience. Also included is a Pentode/Ultra-Linear Mode Switch for increased versatility. Each unit will come with an elegant engraved Grommes plaque that can be customized especially for you (e.g. "Made especially for: John Smith", "A gift from Jane Smith to John Smith", etc.).  


Some of the 260A Limited Reissue Features:

  • No-compromise, wideband transformer made expressly for Grommes by a leading American transformer company and custom-designed to meet the Grommes' demanding specifications. 
  • Large, custom-made power transformer with electro-static shield.
  • Robust power supply for 60 watts of continuous RMS power.
  • Push-Pull KT-88/6550 output tubes standard (a variety of tube packages will be offered).
  • Hand-wired with point-to-point soldering, like classic tube amplifiers were suppose to be crafted (i.e. no printed circuit boards).
  • Two Rectifier tubes.
  • Special cascode first stage.
  • Cathode-coupled phase inverter.
  • Screen and bias regulation.
  • Built-in Bias Meter so you'll be able to use your 260A LR for years and years to come.
  • Pentode/Ultra-Linear mode switch included for increased versatility.
  • Convenient Mute Switch.

     Heading this project is engineer and audiophile Alan Kimmel, who was lucky enough to work with Al Hart in the early 1980's. No stranger to the audiophile community, Alan is known worldwide for his Mu-Stage design and love of high-quality audio. 

     This is a special edition run: only a limited number of the 260A Limited Reissue will be made. Once they are sold out, they will be gone...

     Orders now being taken! Call 1-800-SINCE-46 now or contact us by fax or email to purchase this one of a kind product. For more info or to have us contact you: fill out this request form.

"...the Grommes 260A emerges as one of the finest power amplifiers made, by virtue of its rugged, conservative construction, and remarkably low distortion"

--Hirsch-Houck Laboratories and the technical staff of High Fidelity
[Read the 1959 Review.]

60 Watts RMS

Engineered by
Al Hart in 1958

260A Limited Reissue
Lead by
Alan Kimmel in 2002

"Grommes sets a precedent in reproduction...brilliantly realistic sound in its purest form. Every nuance of the music is faithfully reproduced with all the color and verve of the original performance. Quality you can hear."

--Grommes Catalog
circa 1960


Pricing (USD):

  Special  Price
Single $129500
Pair $239500

Orders are now being taken.
Call 1-800-SINCE-46, contact us through the website, or email us.

Special Price good until December 25, 2003.



The Original Grommes 260A Specifications

     The 260A is designed for the ultimate high fidelity system. This new amplifier has more than ample reserve power to meet every demand for true high fidelity without strain or distortion. Advanced circuitry with stability built around 6550 output stage has greater sensitivity, lower distortion, and performance far superior to ordinary amplifiers. Circuit features cascode first stage direct coupled to cathode coupled phase inverter; regulated screen and bias voltage supply. Output transformer is highest quality special design.
Power Output 60 watts; with 120 watts peak.
Distortion 0.25% harmonic and 0.5% intermodulation at 60 watts; 0.1% harmonic and 0.2% intermodulation at 30 watts; less than 0.5% harmonic and 1% intermodulation at 60 watts (all distortions under 0.1% at 20 watt level or less).
Frequency Response +0.5dB 5 to 50,000 CPS (attenuated beyond 1,000,000).
Power Response +0.5dB 5 to 20,000 CPS at 60 watts.
Square Wave Response Excellent with fundamentals from 10 to 20,000 CPS. With: 1-No Load, 2-Resistor load, 3-Capacity Load, 4-Speaker Load; High frequencies have steep front and low frequencies have minimum tilt; No ringing or oscillation on high frequency square waves.
Stability No oscillation with instantaneous pulses. Fast recovery time from overload.
Damping Factor Continuously variable by internal impedance control from plus 3 through infinity.
Negative Feedback 25 dB plus current feedback from damping control
Sensitivity 1 volt input for full output.
Controls (4) input gain; balancing for output stage; bias; DC balance.
Output Impedance 4, 8, and 16 ohms from terminal strip.
Hum and Noise 95dB below output.
Tubes (3) 12AU7, (2) 6550, (2) 5U4GB
Misc Adaptable to rack panel mounting; 6 prong socket supplies power for pre-amp; protected by two fuses; 2 AC outlets.
Dimensions 14"W x 8.25"H x 8"D
Weight 40 lbs.

Grommes 260A Limited Reissue 
Information Request Form

If you are interested in the Grommes 260A Limited Reissue, or have some questions or comments, please fill out the form below so that we may contact you in the near future. You can always call 1-800-SINCE-46 7:45am-4:15pm Central Standard Time to talk with us.




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